USS SAFETY SUPPLY SDN BHD was incorporated in August 1995 with the merging of UNITED SAFETY SUPPLY and with their business commencement dated June 1992. We are trading company where our business consists of import, export, distribution, and stockist of a comprehensive range of industrial and personal protective equipments that conforms to major quality standards. In addition, we also extend solution and training services to our clients.

The safety and well-being of every individual whether at work or at home, are our utmost concern. Hence, “Quality Assurance” is a fundamental building block of our organisation. We have a wide range of products - the result of our continuous product sourcing and optimisation of our supply chain to fulfi ll our clients’ needs.

We believe that the creation of a safe environment goes beyond the provision of personal protective equipment. The knowledge and awareness that is being translated to every person who uses our products is equality important. Hence, providing product training to our clients is an integral part of our offering. By educating the masses on safety knowledge, we ensure peace of mind and overall well-being for every life that comes into contact with our products.

Vision and Mission

Our company main vision is to be the 1st chooice in safety business in Malaysia and build safe working environment through our products and services.

Our Primary Focus Is To Strive To Meet Customers’s Expections
We deliver value for our products through quality, innovation and service excellence.

Creating Value For Management And Customers
We strive for higher productivity, cost effi ciencies and growth while managing risks.

Success Depends On Our People Working As A Team
We create a rewarding environment that is dignifi ed, fair, transparent, accountable, caring and meritocracy based.